Training Support

Maximise user knowledge and your return on investment

Wealth-Magic solutions are designed to manage your Wealth Management business which includes complex and sophisticated data environment. With additional functionalities which includes integration with your in-house or third party products, the solutions brings deep layers of functionality for your employees to discover and master. With our training programs, you can ensure that they quickly acquire the skills they need to become confident and productive. Training is integral to users’ adoption of the application and your ultimate customer success.

Courses share a hands-on approach. Participants use WealthMagic to solve real-world problems, which maximises learning and retention.

We offer training through different modes

Custom Instructor- Led Training

  • A well-planned comprehensive training tailored specifically around the customised application gives your employees the benefits of in-person instruction and interaction.

Seamless Integration

  • In addition to classroom training, we have a library of free video tutorials covering the basic features of the application that will be handy to refer.

Total Information Security

  •  Our support team led by experts are available to help and advice your employees during business hours.

To increase technology adoption, we conduct training sessions on products and new technologies that are disrupting the finance industry. Our trainers also equipped to train on soft skills like customer service which is crucial for a long-lasting customer relationship.

In addition to training, we conduct regular knowledge sharing session with the team to educate about the various other features of the applications that can further enhance your business. We have built-in tutorial videos linked in the application for users to refer and follow.

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