Manage Multi Asset Business

Manage Multi Asset Business
  • Wealth-Magic is a single platform which can help you drive your business across all asset classes such as Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, Non-Life Insurance, Postal Schemes, Stocks, FDs, Bonds…
  • We realize that while you may be engaged in a variety of financial services businesses, your customer across all these businesses is more or less common
  • We provide a single solution from where you can manage the entire wealth portfolio of your customers and do an........ effective CRM for their servicing needs

Create your
own Website

Create your own Website

We help you create your own website focused on your branding and message. We have thousands of templates to choose from which are created based on inputs.

It provides you various features:

Back End

  • Auto generated messages
  • Custom Intimations
  • Online Product Information
  • Online Portfolio Access
  • Analytical tools
  • Real time MIS
  • Customise Investor dashboard and mobile app

Front End

  • Own Branding
  • Custom pages
  • Access to Investor Portal
  • Online Portfolio Access
  • Investor Portal and Mobile app
  • Portfolio view

Inbuilt Sales &
Marketing tools

Inbuilt Sales & Marketing tools
  • Driving revenue by retaining the existing customers is the name of the customer success game
  • Wealth-Magic has an inbuilt prospecting wizard tool which uses various customer data dimensions to present the up-sell or cross-sell needs
  • Our solution increases the productivity of your investor-facing staff by reducing their administrative tasks
  • It enables advisors to focus on what’s important: higher value-added services that increase revenue and deepen client relationships
  • The results can be seen in solutions delivered which has both a substantial reduction in the cost-to-serve and an increase in cross-selling opportunities

Robo Advisory

Robo Advisory Platform
  • We have built in a Robo-advisory in the platform that analyses the market and recommends the best suitable financial plan for your investors
  • Wealth-Magic empowers your organizations to offer a lower-fee solution for investment planning and management, catering to markets and revenue streams
  • Helps maintain the more lucrative fee-based business built through personalized advisory services for high-net-worth individuals

Advanced CRM System

Advanced CRM System

Wealth-Magic’s advance CRM tools helps to track all service requests and ensure timely action to keep customer ever happy. Your customers, via their mobile app or web login can send service requests to you / your office. A dashboard on your home page will keep you updated about all such service requests and help respond to them in a timely manner.

Wealth-Magic’s powerful CRM Centre will keep you in control of entire information of your customer from one single page.

From the CRM Centre page you can do the following

Create Sales Presentations

Manage Customer details


Review Financial Plans

Online MF Orders

Manage all documents

Manage tasks and services

View upcoming portfolio


Enable Sub-broker Network

Enable Sub-broker Network
  • Give your sub-brokers access to manage their own customers using the same Wealth-Magic application which is further customized and streamlined for their use
  • This enables you to provide a unified digital experience across sub-brokers while maintaining your own branding
  • The application configuration lets you easily personalize the sub-broker modules in terms of user experience, from the visual design to data visualization, and available reports and fact sheets

Quick Sales Presentations

Quick Sales Presentations

Close your sales faster with impact creating personalised sales illustrations and goal based wealth creation plans. Choose from over a dozen sales illustrations

Datacomp has a proven track record of creating high impact creating sales illustrations that has helped thousands of financial professionals close big ticket business with their customers.

Our revolutionary Sales illustrations are weaved with goal based sales pitches such as

Child Career Planning (Ultra Child Secure)

Retirement Income Planning (Ultra Retire)

Wealth Creation

Among many other


Goal based
Financial Plans

Goal based Financial Plans

Deliver highest level of investment satisfaction to your customers by using our Goal based financial plans. Create comprehensive yet very concise goal based plans for your customers. Capture existing provisions made towards a goal and identify the gap. Recommend a investment plan based on the risk profile of the customer. Track and review the plan performance and get advice for corrections to be made in case of deviations.

Salient Features
  • Planning for 3 types of goals
  • Asset Allocation based on Risk Profile of the customer
  • Select funds to recommend on basis of various performance metrics or pick a model portfolio
  • Map customer MF portfolio to the goals
  • Review goals professionally with our advanced goal review system and advise corrections for any deviations
  • Auto-create goal based plan from Ultra Plans
  • Support for existing provisions through diverse asset classes
  • Create your own model portfolio or access one from Datacomp provided library
  • Set review dates and get alerts as and when they are due

High Quality Advise

High Quality Advise
  • Wealth-Magic provides expert MIS on performance of all MF schemes, so that you can advise the best scheme to your customers, based on their risk profile and needs
  • Wealth-Magic has a host of fund performance analytics which will assist you in picking the right scheme for your customer
  • Wealth-Magic Mobile App delivers a large range of analytics to cover everything you need
  • Now, achieving more in your investor meetings just becomes so much easier


Reinvent Business-Client Relationship
  • Take advantage of an attractive, professional and customizable sales-oriented application to show your investors an up-to-date performance review of their investments
  • Wealth-Magic Mobile App delivers a large range of analytics to cover everything you need
  • Now, achieving more in your investor meetings just becomes so much easier

Online Portfolio

Online Portfolio Access

Create that professional image by giving the best experience to your customers! Boast about your 24 x 7 office by giving your customers an online access to view and manage theirwealth portfolio via your website or your mobile app for your customers.

Here are some of the many features of the Wealth-Magic customer application:

  • Get a summary view of the insurance cover of all members in their family
  • Drill down to full detail
  • Review the status of their Financial Plans
  • View Upcoming portfolio events
  • Buy/Redeem/Switch Mutual Funds
  • Get best in the class MF advisory

Third-party Integration

Third-party Integration

Wealth Management Integration layer is set of well defined APIs and controls to consolidate and store data from multiple systems.

  • This integration layer offers a fast, simple and structured way for multiple systems to communicate data with each other
  • Enabling ease of integration to delivery channels
  • Integration of in-house and third party applications
  • Offers a uniform interface to interact with Standardised data push/pull interfaces for systems and data gateways


  • The Integration layer is built on principal of configuration over customisation allowing rapid deployment of changes without business downtime
  • Consolidation of data across front, mid and back offices
  • Perform normalisation, de-duplication to improve quality of data

Organization Hierarchy

Organization Hierarchy
  • Now create different types of user roles based on your organization hierarchy
  • This structure ensures controlled access of information within the organization and also ascertains that a user has only one reporting manager
  • A user will be able to view the data of their subordinates but not their superiors


  • The Integration layer is high availability system design supporting large transaction volumes with best in class performance & minimal response Time


Business Agility
  • Investment data integrations across the enterprise
  • Unified layer that enables processing multiple asset classes
  • Enforce consistency across the data shared

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